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Configuring Locales

Some commands used in my daily life

The Easy Way

  • Install debconf (i.e. run apt-get update then apt-get install debconf,as root)
  • Run dpkg-reconfigure locales as root

The Hard Way

Edit /etc/locale.gen as root。If /etc/locale.gen does not exist,create it。An example /etc/locale.gen is below。 Run /usr/sbin/locale-gen as root A sample /etc/locale.gen

# This file lists locales that you wish to have built. You can find a list
# of valid supported locales at /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED. Other
# combinations are possible, but may not be well tested. If you change
# this file, you need to rerun locale-gen.
# NOTE!!! If you change this file by hand, and want to continue
# maintaining manually, remove the above line. Otherwise, use the command
# "dpkg-reconfigure locales" to manipulate this file. You can manually
# change this file without affecting the use of debconf, however, since it
# does read in your changes.

en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8

pve pvm resize disk

pct resize <VMID> rootfs <LXC_disk_size>